Indica vs. Sativa – Which is Better? 

Usually, the comparisons of two things are determined by some characteristics which can be similar or in cases, different from each other. In the present date scenario, Marijuana has surely become a buzz word and every other industry is using it for some purpose or the other. Any weed store near me will tell you in the same breeds of Marijuana plants, Indica, Sativa are the two which people need to find a clear difference between both of them. Also, both of them can be mixed together for the creation of hybrid strains which is indeed a great thing.

The Biggest Different Between- Indica, Sativa

Indica Marijuana Plants

As far as the Indica marijuana plants are taken into consideration, they grow short and wide which makes this plant far better one for indoor growing which can be planted at homes without any issue. In Indica, their buds do produce high smoke which helps in the deep relaxation and allows individuals to sleep in a more peaceful manner.

Indica’s are much effective for providing a sense of relief to the overall body pain and are often used for treating insomnia in different people.

Also, Indica is smoked by medical marijuana patient’s right before their bedtime to calm their nerves and allow sleeping in an efficient manner.

Benefits of Indica

  • Provides relief from body Pain
  • Relax Muscles
  • Reduces Headache and Migraines
  • Reduces the building of stress and anxiety
  • Sativa Marijuana Plants

In the battle of Indica, Sativa, Satva is a plant which is a lot more different than Indica. Sativa Plants grow thin and tall and are most suitable for outdoor growing. In height, the sativa plant can grow approximately up to 25 ft. in and is known for energetic and uplifting.

The strains of the sativa plant tend to give a stronger odor which provides a great sense of uplifting and energy providing.  As a result, a person who is consuming sativa on a regular basis will feel the gush of new ideas and creations in his mind far too often. Most popular Sativa Strains include Mauwie, Wauwie and Purple Haze.

Benefits of Sativa

  • Provides a good feel of self-relief and ease
  • Stimulates and energizes the Mind
  • Increases creativity and focus
  • Helps reduce Depression to a great extent

Final Words

To be honest, both the marijuana plants have their own set of benefits and do have their pros and cons. But, if we will have to pick the better one between Indica, Sativa, my ideal choice will be sativa as it does has multiple purposes and provides far stronger benefits than Indica as shown in the above scenario.