Crime Down and Revenue up Since Legalization in Washington

Crime Down and Revenue up Since Legalization in Washington

The first American state that legalized medical cannabis was California, in 1996, resulting with the wish of legalizing from the other states. The first states that legalized cannabis for recreational use were Colorado and Washington, in 2012.

Is forbidden better?

We all know that the forbidden things are the most exciting, so was it a smart choice to choose legalizing cannabis? In 1973, Oregon began to forbid cannabis, in order to decrease the rate of criminality. Was it useful? Well, the decriminalization failed, because in 1974 the crimes increased. So is it helpful to forbid cannabis? I guess not. Marijuana prohibition has been just a failure for the American people and for the entire country.

Statistics look better

For instance, when Washington legalized recreational cannabis for adults 21 years of age or older, I read some statistics from the FBI and the conclusion was that the crimes decreased and much more than that, they have saved millions of dollars, money used before for the marijuana law. One and a half year after the legalization, the first cannabis store is opened, so people could have easier access to marijuana.

No more arrests

So, Washington should be praised for choosing to get more responsible for approaching marijuana. It was indeed a bold and smart step, considering that a lot of other states still forbid cannabis. In the first year after the legalization, the arrests for possession dropped considerably, by 98%. The crimes decreased, of course, because most of them were for marijuana possession. It was a smart decision to focus on other important problems of the state. So, they said that they will balance the budgets, start to close a pipeline which sends one in three black men to jail and free up the policemen to catch the real criminals.

A lower crime rate

The FBI statistics say that if couple of years ago, the crime rate was 383 per 100,000 inhabitants, in 2014 the rate of violent crime decreased to 285 per 100,000 inhabitants and reached the number of 284, in 2015. Good news for the population of Washington who can walk more safely on the street.

The other states should also think about legalizing cannabis for the purpose of decreasing the crime rate. It will be a smart idea and at least it will deserve a chance. You know what they say, if you don’t try, you won’t have any idea how it is. And more than that, they should think about saving money for other state issues.