Indica vs. Sativa – Which is Better? 

Usually, the comparisons of two things are determined by some characteristics which can be similar or in cases, different from each other. In the present date scenario, Marijuana has surely become a buzz word and every other industry is using it for some purpose or the other. Any weed store near me will tell you in the same breeds of Marijuana plants, Indica, Sativa are the two which people need to find a clear difference between both of them. Also, both of them can be mixed together for the creation of hybrid strains which is indeed a great thing.

The Biggest Different Between- Indica, Sativa

Indica Marijuana Plants

As far as the Indica marijuana plants are taken into consideration, they grow short and wide which makes this plant far better one for indoor growing which can be planted at homes without any issue. In Indica, their buds do produce high smoke which helps in the deep relaxation and allows individuals to sleep in a more peaceful manner.

Indica’s are much effective for providing a sense of relief to the overall body pain and are often used for treating insomnia in different people.

Also, Indica is smoked by medical marijuana patient’s right before their bedtime to calm their nerves and allow sleeping in an efficient manner.

Benefits of Indica

  • Provides relief from body Pain
  • Relax Muscles
  • Reduces Headache and Migraines
  • Reduces the building of stress and anxiety
  • Sativa Marijuana Plants

In the battle of Indica, Sativa, Satva is a plant which is a lot more different than Indica. Sativa Plants grow thin and tall and are most suitable for outdoor growing. In height, the sativa plant can grow approximately up to 25 ft. in and is known for energetic and uplifting.

The strains of the sativa plant tend to give a stronger odor which provides a great sense of uplifting and energy providing.  As a result, a person who is consuming sativa on a regular basis will feel the gush of new ideas and creations in his mind far too often. Most popular Sativa Strains include Mauwie, Wauwie and Purple Haze.

Benefits of Sativa

  • Provides a good feel of self-relief and ease
  • Stimulates and energizes the Mind
  • Increases creativity and focus
  • Helps reduce Depression to a great extent

Final Words

To be honest, both the marijuana plants have their own set of benefits and do have their pros and cons. But, if we will have to pick the better one between Indica, Sativa, my ideal choice will be sativa as it does has multiple purposes and provides far stronger benefits than Indica as shown in the above scenario.

How to Run a Successful Marijuana Dispensary

Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries are on the Rise

Marijuana is a plant associated with several medicinal uses. It is ideal for the treatment of chronic pain, weight loss, and nausea among other conditions. As the therapeutic cannabis industry is flourishing, the competition to offer the best services is high. After researching and learning from the best Las Vegas Marijuana Marketplace, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to Run a Successful marijuana Dispensary:

1. Lay the groundwork

It is highly important to determine whether you can legally establish a medical marijuana dispensary. While operating such dispensaries is legal in many states, the laws still vary in various counties and cities. Therefore, it is best to consult the government offices to ensure that your dispensary will run successfully without encountering any legal problems. You will also be required to acquire the proper documentation that will allow you to operate the dispensary legally. A good lawyer will help you in securing the appropriate licensing. Be sure also to make sure you comply with all of your local law enforcement authority.

2. Go to a visible location

A well-located marijuana dispensary will help you in taking the drug out of the shadows and into the light. In other words, being in a central location allows you to become an active member of the community and easily integrate into the patient population. This will not only make your presence and value felt, but it will also introduce people to a large, open, efficient and well-run dispensary.

3. Showcase health and wellness brand identity

Medical marijuana is a wellness aid that should enhance other things that are of importance in a patient’s life. Always pay attention to your patient’s level of comfort. For instance, chronic pain patients may need additional sessions that may feature yoga or acupuncture that are still offered in the dispensary. This will build a solid level of trust between you and your patient(s) and in return, they will spend more time and money with you.

4. Offer the highest quality medical marijuana

With many different forms of medical marijuana that are available in the market, your dispensary needs provide a quality product at a reasonable price. However, do not stick to only a single type of product, instead, listening to your patient’s feedback will help you in providing product differentiation. Innovative products will always help your patients in dealing with marijuana-induced conditions such as anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks.

With this information, you will be able to run a successful marijuana dispensary. Always strive to stay abreast of new information even after you have opened up your practice. This will ensure that you are operating in a safe and legal manner. Remember, the passion that lies within is also a factor that will motivate you to better your dispensary.

Washington’s Marijuana Industry is Booming


Understanding Marijuana Use

The main component ingredient of marijuana is the Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol or popularly called as THC. If you want to look at its highest point of concentration, it is found in the leaves and flowers of the plant especially if it is inhaled and smoked at the same time. Its pathophysiology passes through the areas of the lungs and runs to the bloodstream, and it is carried all throughout the brain and to the systemic circulation.

The reaction of a person taking marijuana eventually reaches a process of euphoria or simply the term that everybody knows as “high” by the cannabinoid receptors. Overly abusing the drug can lead to an adverse effect of your brain system and body coordination. This means that the influence of marijuana affects a person’s memory, time perception, concentration, sensory and even pleasure.

Update of the Marijuana Industry in Washington.

The use of marijuana can either be the good or bad cause, and this also depends on the person who is using it too. Going back to the timeline wherein the use of marijuana was prohibited it is because of how it can greatly affect a person’s livelihood. However, as time changes, so do the legislation. There are supporters of marijuana which the drug is considered to be a part of the law. The supporters are working hard to have the drug become a potential advantage for people who are suffering from any ailments and ensuring that its usage is not only for recreational but also as a medicinal advantage. Origins Cannabis is a West Seattle dispensary who has helped catapult recreational use to consumers throughout Washington State.

Additional Facts

It is legal in some areas of the United States of America- there are four other states that are allowing the use of marijuana for recreational purposes including the state of Washington while there are 19 states that allow marijuana for medicinal purposes. In Washington, selling of marijuana is now being processed for it to be legal but only for those who owns and are growing only for a period. The good thing is that the council are as well making sure that it will have its tax and will be regulated soon.

The legislation of marijuana industry is implemented well in some areas in the USA; there are no reports of dysfunctional individuals because of the use of marijuana, however, in Washington, there are no figures to be compared but same as some states like at Colorado, there are no updates about any adverse irresponsible.

It makes the society safer- legal marijuana is enforced only for those who are indicated to do have the drug, and it is made sure that it is not diluted to any means of harmful chemicals as well.

Pot Sales are Leading the Retail Sector in Washington

Pot Sales are Leading the Retail Sector in Washington

Say goodbye to booze and welcome to Marijuana; the new money maker in Washington.  Since its legalization, folks are warming up to it faster than you could say ‘pot’. It seems the gamble is finally paying off as the state is raking in millions in taxes if the state data is anything to go by.It is safe to say that pot is now leading the retail sector in the state of Washington.

So how is it performing?

Going by last year’s data it’s astonishing how much money Washington state collected from ‘pot’ taxes. As at the end of 2016, sales volumes were past the $1 billion dollar mark, while taxes collected were above $400 million, increasing profits drastically from the drugs and health sector in general anticipated positive results but to be honest, not this good. Stores are sprawling up fast as more customers seek to get the once elusive drug.  Here is just how successful it has been.

What could be the reason behind the sudden increase in uptake of Marijuana?

There must be some factors that act as incentives and I think I have a couple of reasons that might explain the surge in pot sales.

First of all, since there was a consolidation of the markets for the recreational as well as medical Marijuana, it made it more accessible and easier for the consumer to access the drug. The average number of shops in these market could run up to around 160 shops.

Changing the Tax Laws

The second point is the move by the state to implement a flat tax rate that would cover all sectors that deal with the drug. Currently, there’s a flat rate of 37% tax on the product as opposed to before where the growers, processors, and retailers were charged individually at the different stages. With the changes, it, therefore, becomes more attractive to lower the final price of the commodity which in turn attracts more people. Finally, Washington has speeded up the process of handing out licenses to the parties involved. Growers, processors, and retailers are getting their licenses approved thick and fast. Faster means more shops, more pot, more customers and more money.

Washington has shocking figures when it comes to Marijuana revenue; by the end of the third quarter in 2016, revenue from pot had surpassed revenue from hard liquor by $50 million if data from the state department of revenue is anything to go by.
This is a new era where Marijuana or pot is the new drug of choice. As much as there are those opposed to legalization; those who have access to it are enjoying, and going by the amount of revenue collected, we could conclude that they are finding value for the money.

Crime Down and Revenue up Since Legalization in Washington

Crime Down and Revenue up Since Legalization in Washington

The first American state that legalized medical cannabis was California, in 1996, resulting with the wish of legalizing from the other states. The first states that legalized cannabis for recreational use were Colorado and Washington, in 2012.

Is forbidden better?

We all know that the forbidden things are the most exciting, so was it a smart choice to choose legalizing cannabis? In 1973, Oregon began to forbid cannabis, in order to decrease the rate of criminality. Was it useful? Well, the decriminalization failed, because in 1974 the crimes increased. So is it helpful to forbid cannabis? I guess not. Marijuana prohibition has been just a failure for the American people and for the entire country.

Statistics look better

For instance, when Washington legalized recreational cannabis for adults 21 years of age or older, I read some statistics from the FBI and the conclusion was that the crimes decreased and much more than that, they have saved millions of dollars, money used before for the marijuana law. One and a half year after the legalization, the first cannabis store is opened, so people could have easier access to marijuana.

No more arrests

So, Washington should be praised for choosing to get more responsible for approaching marijuana. It was indeed a bold and smart step, considering that a lot of other states still forbid cannabis. In the first year after the legalization, the arrests for possession dropped considerably, by 98%. The crimes decreased, of course, because most of them were for marijuana possession. It was a smart decision to focus on other important problems of the state. So, they said that they will balance the budgets, start to close a pipeline which sends one in three black men to jail and free up the policemen to catch the real criminals.

A lower crime rate

The FBI statistics say that if couple of years ago, the crime rate was 383 per 100,000 inhabitants, in 2014 the rate of violent crime decreased to 285 per 100,000 inhabitants and reached the number of 284, in 2015. Good news for the population of Washington who can walk more safely on the street.

The other states should also think about legalizing cannabis for the purpose of decreasing the crime rate. It will be a smart idea and at least it will deserve a chance. You know what they say, if you don’t try, you won’t have any idea how it is. And more than that, they should think about saving money for other state issues.